Capital Projects

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Capital Projects1Since its incorporation in 1925, the District has designed and constructed 130 miles of pipelines, 14 pump stations, and 24 reservoirs. Currently, 21 of the reservoirs are still in use with a total storage capacity of 33.5 million gallons.

In 1955, the District’s one and only bond for capital improvements was paid off. Since that time, the District has endeavored to stay out of debt and pay off all capital projects while they are being constructed. This philosophy continues as the District plans projects well into the future. A 10-year plan of capital projects has been developed based on the District’s current Master Plan. The 10-year plan is reviewed and updated on an annual basis. Future projects include cast iron pipe replacement, fire flow improvements, participation in regional water reliability projects, and alternate water source projects.

Capital Projects2For a complete list of Capital Projects scheduled to be completed this fiscal year, refer to Section 6 of the District's Budget.