Ordinance 100

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On June 16, 2009, the District's Board of Directors adopted Ordinance 100: Water Use Efficiency and Water Supply Shortage Contingency Plan. The purpose of the Ordinance is to implement permanent mandatory water waste prohibitions that are in effect at all times and to define voluntary and mandatory water conservation measures to be implemented during increasingly serious stages of water shortages. The ordinance applies to all users connected directly to the District’s water system.

The key elements of the District’s Ordinance No. 100 include:

  1. Permanent Mandatory Restrictions that are in effect at all times and if not adhered to represent waste and unreasonable use of water. These measures are designed to optimize water-use efficiency even when there is no water supply shortage. All District customers would be required to adhere to these restrictions throughout the year.
    1. Allowing excess irrigation water to flow onto adjacent property, non-irrigated areas, private and public walkways, roadways, parking lots or structures.
    2. Washing vehicles without using a bucket or hose with a  shutoff nozzle.
    3. Hosing down sidewalks, walkways, driveways, or parking areas.
    4. Using irrigation systems during and 48 hours after measurable rainfall.
    5. Operating decorative water fountains or water features that do not recirculate water.
    6. Permitting leaks from any pipe or fixture to go unrepaired.
    7. Serving water in restaurants unless specifically requested.
    8. Not providing Hotel guests with the option to not launder linens.
    9. Using water from fire hydrants without Authorization.
    10. Using potable water on turf in public street medians.
    11. Using potable water in newly constructed homes and buildings that do not use drip or microspray.
    12. Using water wastefully without purpose.

  2. Staged Responses to water supply shortages. The ordinance details four levels of District response to escalating water shortages. Depending upon the degree of water supply shortage, the District could enact any of the four levels listed below. This would trigger additional water use efficiency measures for District customers, over and above the permanent measures.
    1. Water Watch voluntary measures enacted in times of shortage to achieve a 5 – 15 percent reduction in water use.
    2. Level 1 Water Alert mandatory restrictions enacted in times of shortage to achieve a 15 – 30 percent reduction in water use.
    3. Level 2 Water Warning mandatory restrictions enacted in times of shortage to achieve a 30 – 50 percent reduction in water use.
    4. Level 3 Water Emergency mandatory restrictions enacted in times of shortage to achieve over 50 percent reduction in water use.

  3. Enforcement and Penalties are in place for failure to comply with any provisions of the Ordinance.
    1. First Violation: Warning
    2. Second Violation: $100
    3. Third Violation: $250
    4. Fourth Violation: $500
    5. A water flow restrictor and/or disconnection of service may be imposed at the discretion of the General Manager for willful violations of the ordinance
      1. Any fees associated with the restrictor and/or disconnection of service is also the full responsibility of the customer.

All violations must be personally observed by District employees. The fines for violations will be collected on the following water bill. Failure to pay a fine amount will be treated as nonpayment of the water bill and service may be terminated. In the event that the individual responsible for the payment of the water bill is not the violator of the ordinance, notification of penalties will go to both the violation address and the billing address on file. Payment of the bill will be the final responsibility of the individual named on the account.

Conservation Ordinance Waiver: Pursuant to Section 12 of the ordinance, a Hardship Waiver can be granted or conditionally granted under the following conditions:

  • Due to unique circumstances a specific requirement would result in undue hardship
  • The waiver does not constitute a grant of special privileges
  • The granting of the waiver is not detrimental to other properties or to the general welfare of the public
  • The circumstances for the waiver are not common, recurrent or general in nature
  • Conservation is currently being accomplished through previous installation of water saving features
  • Applies to the property from the date of approval ONLY, any previous violations and/or subsequent penalties are FINAL.

Applying for a Waiver

  • Download Hardship Waiver Request Form.
  • Attach supporting documentation.
  • A written statement, photos, maps, drawings, etc as to why the variance should be granted.
  • Send to:

    Laguna Beach County Water District
    Atten: Water Use Efficiency
    306 Third Street
    Laguna Beach, CA 92651